Best Hotels In Mexico — Baja California Peninsula

The Baja Peninsula was formed when the earth separated at a seam millions of years ago and the 800 mile long peninsula rose from the sea. It is bordered on the north by the state of California, on the west by the Pacific Ocean and to the east lies the Sea of Cortez. Mountain ranges running down the center of the peninsula delineate the Pacific side from the gulf and the higher reaches host pine forests that look down on the arid desert. The majority of the population of Baja resides in the northern cities of Tijuana, Mexicali and Ensenada leaving the remainder of the peninsula sparsely inhabited.

The Baja California Peninsula separates two marine environments. The Pacific side is wind-blown with constant surf and is a haven for surfers traveling from California to ride some of the excellent breaks along the coast. One of the greatest experiences on the planet is to visit the lagoons of the southern Baja Pacific for the whale watching. Beginning in mid January thousands of Gray whales begin arriving from Arctic waters to court, mate and give birth and visitors are rewarded with close interactions with these amazing creatures.

Baja’s Pacific side hosts some lovely un-crowded beaches, but compared to the Sea of Cortez side, there are few large tourist resorts. Rosarito Beach is a short drive from the border and offers some excellent accommodations. The New Port Beach Hotel offers ocean view rooms, excellent restaurants and a world class golf course and the Rosarito Beach Hotel provides endless water sports and luxurious accommodations.

The quaint little village of Todos Santos lies on Pacific shores just north of the cape. The laid back town has no resorts but there are several bed and breakfasts and Guaycura Boutique Hotel and Spa offers eclectic accommodations including four poster beds, tiled balconies and copper bath tubs.

The Sea of Cortez is a marine playground stretching 700 miles from the mouth of the Colorado River to land’s end at Cabo San Lucas. Also known as the Gulf of California, Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the world’s Aquarium and it hosts more species in greater numbers than anywhere else on the planet.

There are 37 main islands in the gulf and numerous islets and rocks. The islands are mostly uninhabited other than small villages of fishing shacks belonging to the Pangeros who have fished these waters for generations. The rich sub-tropical waters are an angler’s Nirvana and they provide some of the best sport fishing on earth for marlin, sailfish, dorado, yellowtail, tuna, sea bass and snapper. Scuba divers come from all over the globe to dive crystal clear waters at the islands, on the reefs and seamounts and intermingle with tropical reef fish, temperate species and to swim with the many large pelagics.

The main tourist hubs on the Sea of Cortez are La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is an international destination known for its lively night life and accommodations include Villas, condos, hotels and resorts. The hotel Solimar offers suites at the closest place to the tip of Baja in secluded and intimate surroundings.

Cabo San Lucas Villas provide the visitor with all the amenities in opulent surroundings and is where the movie stars stay. La Paz, the city of peace, lies 60 miles north of Cabo and is everybody’s favorite. Accommodations range from the colonial Los Arcos Hotel in downtown La Paz to the Los Conchas Beach Resort on the edge of the bay.

A trip to Baja can change one forever, most visitors will return again and again and many come and never leave.